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With a legacy dating back to 1936, R.H. Curry & Co has honed the art of delivering maritime solutions that exemplify efficiency and professionalism.
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Our Core Services

While these services represent our specialties, we pride ourselves on meeting any custom requirement. Tell us what you need, and let us make it happen.
  • Berthing

    Arranging and securing a designated space at the dock for a vessel to anchor, including the management of mooring and unmooring operations.
  • Bunkering

    Coordinating the supply and delivery of fuel for ships, ensuring the right quantity and quality of bunker fuel is available as per the ship's schedule.
  • NEW


    Supplying essential goods and stores required for a ship's voyage, including food, water, and medical supplies.
  • Immigration

    Facilitating the clearance of crew and passengers with local immigration authorities, including visa arrangements and entry documentation.
  • Linesmen

    Organizing skilled personnel to handle mooring lines for the safe berthing and unberthing of ships at the dock.
  • Pilots & Tugs

    Coordinating with maritime pilots for navigational guidance into and out of port waters, and arranging tugboats for maneuvering assistance.
  • Customs Brokerage

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  • Yacht Service

    Onboard Entertainment

    Arranging for recreational activities and performances to ensure an enjoyable and engaging experience for passengers while cruising.
  • Freight Forwarding

    Managing the logistics of cargo shipment, ensuring efficient and timely transportation from origin to destination.
  • Cash to Master

    Delivering cash directly to the ship’s captain for the management of onboard expenses and crew needs.
  • Yacht Service


    Handling Advance Provisioning Allowance, managing funds allocated for trip expenses on behalf of the yacht owner or charterer.
  • Visa Assistance

    Providing support with visa applications and processing, ensuring crew and passengers meet the entry requirements for their destinations.

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